Monthly Archives: February 2021

Lunch and Tea Time Menu 1st – 4th March 2021

Monday: Homemade meatballs and pasta / Poached pears with Greek yoghurt / Leek and potato soup with bread / Jam tart

Tuesday: Homemade vegetarian sausage roll, potatoes and beans / Fromage Frais / Ravioli / Fruit

Wednesday: Chicken curry and rice / Baked apple with cinnamon / Waffles and spaghetti / Lemon cake

Thursday: Fishcake, chips and peas / Chocolate brownie / Wraps, carrot and cucumber sticks / Fromage Frais

Lunch & Tea Time Menu 22nd-25th February 2021

Monday: Mixed bean goulash / Fruit / Pizza bagels / Fromage Frais

Tuesday: Pasta bolognaise / Warm winter fruit salad / Jacket potato and beans / Chocolate chip biscuits

Wednesday: Vegetable lasagne / Semolina and raisins / Butternut squash soup and bread / Flapjack

Thursday: Roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables / Sticky toffee pudding / Spaghetti on toast / Fruit

Lunch and Tea Time Menu 15th – 18th Feb 2021

Monday: Chicken casserole and sweet potato mash / Chocolate sponge and custard / Sandwiches / Fromage Frais

Tuesday: Sweet and sour vegetable stir fry / Pancakes / Beans and bread / Fruit

Wednesday: Lamb hotpot / Fruit crumble and custard / Sweet potato and lentil soup with bread / Apple and raisins

Thursday: Homemade bean burger, chips and sweetcorn / poached plum and Greek yoghurt / cheese toasties / Fromage Frais

Lunch and Tea Time Menu 8th – 11th February 2021

Monday: Broccoli and cauliflower pasta bake / Fruit / Cheese and ham puffs / Fromage Frais

Tuesday: Vegetarian sausage and bean casserole with mash / Chocolate brownie / Vegetable soup and bread / Fruit

Wednesday: Vegetable moussaka / Banana cake / Crumpets / Fromage Frais

Thursday: Cottage pie / Apple crumble and custard / Fishfinger sandwiches / Fruit