Lunch and Teatime Menu’s 10th – 14th February 2020

Lunch / Dessert / Tea / Pudding

Monday: Mixed Bean chilli with tortilla chips / Jam tart / Baguettes with ham, cheese, chutney and salad / Fromage Frais

Tuesday: Vegetable layer bake / Peach crumble and custard / Homemade sweet potato, leek and butterbean soup / Bananas

Wednesday: Lamb hotpot / Fruit salad / Assorted sandwiches / Fromage Frais

Thursday: Grilled cod, potato wedges and peas / Rock cakes / Homemade celery and leek soup / Blueberry and oat bar

Friday: Cottage pie / Pears / Fishcake with baguette and salad / Fromage Frais

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