Lunch and Teatime Menu 3rd – 7th February 2020

Lunch / Dessert / Tea / Pudding

Monday:  Spaghetti with Mediterranean vegetables in tomato sauce / Rhubarb crumble and custard / Homemade broccoli and cauliflower soup / Fruit salad

Tuesday: Lamb and chickpea curry with rice / Apples / Fishfinger sandwiches / Fromage Frais

Wednesday:  Beef with roasted root vegetables and mash / Rice pudding / Spicy butternut squash soup / Pineapple

Thursday: Tuna fishcake and vegetables / Satsumas / Ravioli / Fromage frais

Friday:  Roast chicken with roasties / Bakewell tart / Pasta Provencal / Cheese and crackers

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