Lunch and Teatime Menus 19th – 23rd August

Lunch / Dessert / Tea / Pudding

Monday:  Cod in batter with Lyonnaise potatoes and peas / Rhubarb Tart with crème fraiche / Ravioli / Kiwi and mandarins

Tuesday:  Chicken and mushroom pie / Satsumas / Cream of vegetable soup / Bananas

Wednesday:  Chilli and rice / Marble sponge / Spaghetti with chicken fingers / Pineapple

Thursday:  Lamb and mixed bean casserole / Garibaldi / Toasted Crumpets with cream cheese and apple / Fromage Frais

Friday: Turkey and vegetable meatballs on curry sauce / Apples / Filled rolls / Viennese whirls

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