Lunch & Tea Time Week 10th – 14th December 2018

Lunch / Dessert / Tea / Pudding

Monday: Meatballs with vegetable rice / Cheese, apple and crackers / Beans on toast / Selection of fruits
Tuesday: Chef’s beef burger with sweet potato fries / Pears / Honey Street Christmas Party/ Sandwiches WG & BB / Jam Tart
Wednesday: Cottage Pie/ BB Christmas party lunch / Bananas / Walnut Grove Christmas Party
BB Cottage Pie HSt Ravioli / Fromage Frais
Thursday: Roast lamb and vegetables / Satsumas / Minestrone soup / Cornish fairings
Friday: Chicken and Mushroom Rissoles, baguette and salad / Manchester Tart / Spaghetti and fish fingers / Fromage frais

Lunch & Tea Time Week 3rd – 7th December 2018
Lunch / Dessert / Tea / Pudding

Monday: Sausages, mash potato and peas / Citrus salad / Cauliflower macaroni cheese / Fromage frais
Tuesday: Grilled cod, new potatoes and broccoli / Cheesecake / Ravioli / Bananas
Wednesday: Roast Chicken with stuffing and roasties / Pears / Pea and ham soup / Lace biscuits
Thursday: Turkey stir fry with savoury rice / Chocolate shortbread / Filled rolls / Fromage Frais
Friday: Vegetable pasta bake / Seasonal fruits / Leek and Potato Soup with rolls / Arctic Roll

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