Lunch & Tea Time Week 26th – 30th November 2018

Lunch / Dessert / Tea / Pudding

 Monday:          Chicken pie and vegetables / Orange wedges / Assorted sandwiches / Flapjack

Tuesday:         Sausage and spaghetti cheese bake / Steamed raspberry sponge and custard / Fish cakes in salad baps / Fromage Frais

Wednesday:    Poached cod with roasted vegetables / Peaches and crème fraiche / Vegetable soup and rolls / Pears

Thursday:        Meat balls with sweetcorn and mushroom rice / Cheese, apple and crackers / Macaroni Provencal / Fromage frais

Friday:             Vegetable tagine with cous cous / Vienesse whirls / Watercress soup / Satsumas

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