Lunch & Tea Time Week 8th – 12th October 2018

Lunch / Dessert / Tea / Pudding

Monday:          Beef chilli and rice / Cheese and crackers / Tomato and mixed bean pasta / Fromage Frais

Tuesday:         Turkey and vegetable plait / Carrot cake / Assorted sandwiches / Fresh Fruit

Wednesday:    Roast lamb, roast potatoes and vegetables / Stewed fruits with natural yogurt / Cauliflower and broccoli soup / Lemon tart

Thursday:        Spinach and chicken curry with rice / Oat cookies / Fishfinger and salad roll / Apples

Friday:             Braised steak in onion gravy and Cajun potatoes / Steamed syrup sponge with custard / Chicken salad with pitta fingers / Fromage Frais

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