Lunch & Tea Time Week 9th – 13th July 2018

Lunch / Dessert / Tea / Pudding

Monday:          Turkey and chickpea burgers with salad / Rice pudding / Spaghetti with pitta bread / Fromage Frais

Tuesday:         Cottage pie with Swede mash / Poached pears / Watercress soup / Pineapple

Wednesday:    Chicken stir fry and brown rice / Sportacus Jelly / Sliced meat platter, crudites, dips and baguettes / Strawberries

Thursday:        Sausages, vegetables and spring onion mash / Summer fruits / Ravioli / Fromage Frais

Friday:             Grilled plaice, chips and peas / Jam Tart / Chicken and salad wraps / Peaches

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