Lunch & Tea Time Week 8th – 12th January 2018

Lunch / Desert / Tea / Pudding

Monday:          Lamb, chickpea and spinach Curry with rice / Medley of fruits / Ravioli / Fromage Frais
Tuesday:         Hungarian Beef Goulash / Satsumas / Leek and potato soup / Melon
Wednesday:    Sausage, pea and potato casserole / Jam Tarts / Potato waffles with baked beans / Fromage Frais
Thursday:        Turkey and cheddar meatballs, mushroom sauce and pasta / Grapes / Assorted sandwiches / Fruit salad
Friday:             Cod topped with mashed potato / Cheese & Crackers / Minestrone soup with rolls / Lemon Shortbread

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