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Lunch & Tea Time 12th – 16th December 2016

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016


Monday:           Beef and vegetable Cottage Pie / Sultana Bread pudding / Butternut squash soup / Fromage Frais

Tuesday:           Grilled plaice with vegetables / Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble with natural yoghurt / Walnut Grove Christmas Party/ Sandwiches HS & BB / Flapjack

Wednesday:     Chilli with savoury rice / Medley of Fruits / Honey Street Christmas Party/Minestrone soup with cheese straws WG & BB / Fromage Frais

Thursday:        Lamb hotpot / Rice pudding / Badgers Bank Christmas Party/Provencal Macaroni HS & WG / Cornish fairings
Friday:             Chicken and Mushroom Rissoles with salad / Manchester Tart / Spaghetti on wholemeal toast / Coconut munchies

Lunch & Tea Time 5th – 9th December 2016


Monday:           Poached cod with vegetables / Cheese cake / Assorted sandwiches / Oat and fruit bars
Tuesday:           Turkey and chorizo stir fry / Victoria Sponge / Mixed bean soup / Fromage frais

Wednesday:     Beef curry with vegetable rice / Rhubarb Pie and crème fraiche / Pasta provencal / Lace biscuits

Thursday:        Fishcake, wedges and salad / Banana muffins / Toasted tea cakes and baked beans / Fromage Frais
Friday:             Irish Stew / Citrus salad / Leek and Potato Soup with rolls / Arctic Roll


Lunch & Tea Time 28th November – 2nd December 2016

Monday, November 21st, 2016


Monday:           Lamb and vegetable rissoles with mint gravy / Sultana muffins / Cheese and marmite pinwheels with baked beans / Fruit Salad
Tuesday:           Sausage and spaghetti cheese bake / Marmalade and ginger cake / Fish cakes in salad baps / Fromage Frais

Wednesday:     Grilled cod and vegetables / Grapes in jelly / Assorted sandwiches / Peach smoothie

Thursday:        Chicken cobbler / Viennese Whirls / Macaroni Provencal / Fromage Frais
Friday:             Cumberland pie topped with swede mash / Jam Tarts / Oxtail soup and rolls / Satsumas

Lunch & Tea Time 21st – 25th November 2016

Thursday, November 17th, 2016


 Monday:           Breaded plaice with rustic potatoes / Fromage Frais / Chicken salad with pitta bread / Jam Tarts
Tuesday:           Turkey canneloni with garlic bread / Gooseberry pie with custard / Sausages with baked beans / Fromage Frais

Wednesday:     Shepherd’s pie / Rice pudding and raspberry sauce / Minestrone soup and rolls / Orange and Apple Crumble Bars

Thursday:        Cornish pasty with roasted vegetables / Chocolate chip cake / Fishcakes with salad / Fromage Frais

Friday:             Lamb and Spinach curry with rice / Rhubarb and ginger crumble / Filled bridge rolls / Fruit

Lunch & Tea Time 14th – 18th November 2016

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016




Monday:           Sausage and mixed bean pie / Trifle / Watercress soup with baguettes / Fromage Frais
Tuesday:           Spaghetti bolognaise / Lemon curd tart with custard / Hot dogs in a roll with salad / Fruit salad
Wednesday:     Chicken Pasta Bake / Treacle Sponge / Beans on toast / Fromage Frais

Thursday:        Corned beef hash / Stewed Apple with natural yoghurt / Vegetable Soup with chilli and cheese sticks / Jelly
Friday:             Fish and chips with peas / Viennese Whirls / Crumpets with spaghetti / Fromage Frais

Lunch & Tea Time 7th – 11th November 2016

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016



Monday:           Turkey and lentil meat balls with anna potatoes / Rice pudding / Spaghetti with croquettes / Melon
Tuesday:           Cottage pie topped with carrot mash / Mandarins / Mug of Soup around the bonfire with toast fingers / Fromage Frais

Wednesday:     Lamb chilli with rice / Red velvet sponge / Turkey Salad Wraps / Fruit Cocktail

Thursday:        Tuna pasta bake / Pear Flapjack / Pizza fingers / Fromage Frais

Friday:             Chicken stir fry with saute potatoes / Blancmange / Ciabatta bread with tomato soup / Chocolate fridge cake