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Lunch Menus

Monday, November 24th, 2014


Lunch Menus: Week 8th – 12th December 2014
Monday: Grilled cod with vegetables, Cheese cake
Tuesday: Turkey Frittata, Raspberry and Blueberry cake
Wednesday: Steak and Vegetable Pie, Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble
Thursday: Spaghetti bolognaise, Medley of Fruits
Friday: Lamb and mint balls with anna potatoes, Pineapple Snow

Lunch Menus: Week 1st – 5th December 2014
Monday: Sausage, hash browns with vegetables, Swiss roll with custard
Tuesday: Captain’s fisherman pie topped with cauliflower mash, Rice pudding
Wednesday: Roast chicken with roasted vegetables, Lemon tart
Thursday: Turkey and spinach pasta bake, Raspberry flapjacks
Friday: Beef and vegetable balls with spaghetti, Apple pie with custard

Lunch Menus

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Lunch Menus:  Week 24th – 28th November 2014

Monday:           Lamb and vegetable rissoles, Tapioca with raspberry sauce
Tuesday:          Sausage and spaghetti cheese bake, Marmalade and ginger cake
Wednesday:     Grilled cod and vegetables, Grapes in jelly
Thursday:         Chicken cobbler, Viennese Whirls
Friday:              Cumberland pie topped with swede mash, Jam Tarts

Lunch Menus

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Lunch Menus: Week 17th – 21st November 2014
Monday: Macaroni and Beef topped with cheese, Fromage Frais
Tuesday: Turkey lasagne with garlic bread, Gooseberry pie with custard
Wednesday: Shepherd’s pie, Rice pudding and raspberry sauce
Thursday: Lamb and Spinach curry with rice, Chocolate chip cake
Friday: Toad in the hole, Rhubarb and ginger sponge

Lunch Menus

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Lunch Menus: Week 10th – 14th November 2014  

Monday:           Fish and chips with peas, Blancmange
Tuesday:          Country sausage stew, Lemon curd tart with custard
Wednesday:     Lemon and Chive Turkey Bake, Treacle Sponge
Thursday:         Chicken and Mushroom Pie, Stewed Apple with natural yoghurt
Friday:              Beef and vegetables in Yorkshire puddings,Oaty peach crumble