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This Week’s Lunch Menus

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

27th – 31st July – 2009               

Monday:           Savoury minced turkey wellington,    Lemon curd tart

Tuesday:          Salmon and broccoli bake,    Semolina with strawberry sauce

Wednesday:    Lamb and vegetable cannelloni,   Date and apple sponge

Thursday:         Chicken and Mushroom vol-au-vents,        Blancmange

Friday:             Steak stew with sweet corn dumplings,     Gooseberry pie and custard

Parents’ Wishes or Child’s Welfare? – Ofsted’s View

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

A private nursery in Leeds has complained about the difficulty of meeting Ofsted requirements while complying with requests from parents, following an action taken against it by the inspection body for waking a sleeping child.

The nursery was responding to a request from one child’s parents that the child should be distracted from having a late sleep in the afternoon. The parents said that napping in the afternoon meant that the child’s sleep pattern was disturbed throughout the night.

Ofsted became involved after an anonymous complaint was made to it that staff at the nursery were not letting children sleep. The nursery explained the child’s particular circumstances and said that they were following parents’ wishes. However, Ofsted took the action because, they said, the nursery staff should prioritise the rights of the child rather than requests from parents.

The Nursery manager said, ‘This is a common dilemma for nursery nurses. Parent partnership is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage and good practice…but Ofsted says it is about the rights of the child, and the child needed to sleep.”

An Ofsted spokesman said, ‘While parents and carers may make a formal request for their child to be exempt from receiving the learning and development requirement of the EYFS, there is no provision for a child to be exempt from the welfare requirements. Providers must meet the welfare requirements at all times. In meeting the welfare requirements, a provider must have effective systems in place to ensure that they meet the individual needs of the child. This includes giving due consideration to the wishes of the child’s parents. However, in the event of a conflict between the parent’s wishes and the welfare requirements, the provider must put the safeguarding and best interests of the child as the priority.

We would expect providers to discuss matters such as sleep patterns with parents and to accommodate parental wishes wherever possible, unless these conflict with welfare requirements.’

This is a tricky issue – what are your thoughts?

This Week’s Lunch Menus

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

20th – 24th July 2009                

Monday:           Cottage pie with Swede mash,    Creamed rice pudding

Tuesday:          Turkey hotpot with herb potatoes,    Cheese cake

Wednesday:    Chilli tuna fishcakes with vegetables,  Oaty rhubarb crumble         

Thursday:         Potato, leek, cheese bake with chicken fingers,   Manchester Tart

Friday:             Spaghetti bolognaise,      Apple Cake  

This Week’s Lunch Menus

Monday, July 13th, 2009

13th – 17th July 2009                

Monday:           Lamb and vegetable gratin,    Sultana sponge

Tuesday:          Chicken curry and vegetable rice,    Apricot mousse

Wednesday:    Rosti bolognaise pie with vegetables,  Raspberry tart and custard  

Thursday:         Roast cod and stir fried vegetables,   Pear crumble          

Friday:             BBQ,     Ice Cream

Midsummer Mayhem – a Big Thank You

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

A big thank you to all the parent and friends who supported the Midsummer Mayhem family fun event. In total we raised £440 for:

  Greatwood HORSE POWER

Well done to all

This Week’s Lunch Menus

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

6th – 10th July 2009                 

Monday:           Fisherman’s Pie,    Peaches & custard

Tuesday:          Chicken and vegetable Bake,    Lemon sponge

Wednesday:    Beef hash and vegetables,           Semolina pudding

Thursday:         Turkey & butterbean Lasagne,      Banana cake

Friday:             Meatballs in savoury sauce and rice,     Bakewell Tart