Price website will let parents rate nurseries

Nurseries can be rated by local parents once a new price comparison website goes live next year. The plan is part of an ‘information revolution’ promised by the Prime Minister to help people ‘share information and experiences’ about childcare, healthcare and police in their area.

In the document Working Together, Gordon Brown said, ‘People take it for granted that they will access other people’s reviews and ratings before buying something on eBay or Amazon, and yet we do not yet have systematic access to other people’s experiences when choosing a GP practice or nursery.’

A national price comparison website will be up and running early next year, which is to cover ‘the full range of childcare providers’.The site will also give information on quality from Ofsted, and include a message board where parents can give feedback on any provider to help other parents ‘make the best choices for their children, and drive improvement in quality’.

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