£700,000 to teach children to clean their teeth?

A Primary Care Trust has been criticised for spending £700,000 of public money teaching children how to clean their teeth. It has introduced a scheme targeting children aged three to five years old, after new figures showed five-year-olds in the area had an average of 1.3 decayed, missing or filled teeth.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the scheme, which has been funded by North Staffordshire Primary Care Trust, will introduce daily supervised tooth brushing in pre-schools and nurseries. It will be run over five years, at a cost of £134,000 a year, and the trust will also foot the £36,000 bill for toothbrushes and toothpaste for 9,400 children attending 60 schools and nurseries.

At Learning Curve the children learn to brush their teeth from the time they start in the baby room. Good news for Wiltshire County Council then –at least they will not have to spend any money educating our children on dental hygiene!

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